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Smuggler Caught Shipping tarantulas in LA

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by KenTheBugGuy, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. Anastasia

    Anastasia Arachnoprince Old Timer

    Alright, I see your point, hope two rights dont make it wrong, lets not this lead to any more arguments follow to lock this topic
  2. John Kanker

    John Kanker Arachnosquire

    no I not comparing anything

    but you insinuat it is ok in post 72

    Yes I hope for the best for swen but still find it amusing what is not straght about my story?

    swen has a lot of imput in the hobby... he breeds some spiders and sells some also along with countless other people. sure friends will miss him me included but the hobby will go on as normal.
    you said you were stopping quite a few posts back now get your story straight.{D
  3. John Kanker

    John Kanker Arachnosquire

    take it in your oppinion thats a yes then.
  4. John Kanker

    John Kanker Arachnosquire

    Im discussing not argueing;)
  5. JamieC

    JamieC Arachnopeon

    I never said I was done with the thread, I was done with you and your pathetic argument and attempts to rile people.

    I tried again today to explain a few things to you in a polite manner, but again you descend to this childish bickering. You have contributed nothing of any use to this thread. Quit making wild accusations and making jokes at Svens expense.
  6. JamieC

    JamieC Arachnopeon

    Post 72 - Where have I said it was OK?
  7. Sodaboy1978

    Sodaboy1978 Arachnopeon

    So if the Mexican Red knee is endangered. And there are a lot of captive bread Mexican Red knee's. Why not take some captive bread and place them in the wild of Mexico.:?. I know this is off topic.
    But I think he should have gotten the permits and gone the legal route to transport animals.
    If he was set up by law enforcement, he could claim entrapment. All though I don't know if that would apply in his situation. I just wish the guy luck and hope that he doesn't have to do the 20 years they are saying he faces. Paying a fine that high is crazy.
  8. John Kanker

    John Kanker Arachnosquire

    but you were not done with this either so your story is still not straight.

    and I have responed in a polite manner it is you now who are make the accusations at me that are childish. I have also made no accusations towards swen except what he has been charged with according to that press release. No I will not stop making jokes at his expence as like I said I find it amusing.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2010
  9. John Kanker

    John Kanker Arachnosquire

    never said you said it was ok but I did say you insinuate that it is ok like where you say:-

    I may have read wrong but I took this to mean the sending of spiders in the post to another country...which is smuggling.
  10. John Kanker

    John Kanker Arachnosquire

    pipe dream I am affraid for many different reasons. I am sure there is a thread on this topic somewhere though. But besides this B. smithi is I doubt that endangerd in the wild anyway are there any real studies to back this up?
  11. JamieC

    JamieC Arachnopeon

    John, in post 72 I am not insinuating it is OK! I am clearly saying: I send spiders in the post! Which is against the law! It is wrong. Therefore - Who are we to judge Sven for breaking the law when we send spiders in the post which is illegal!

    For goodness sake John, this is the basis of my entire argument! Do you finally get it now?

    Again, I am not saying what Sven has done is OK - it is wrong. But we all (or nearly all) have sent or recieved spiders in the post which is illegal too! So who are we to judge?

    I'm now done. Time for a stiff drink :wall:
  12. Sodaboy1978

    Sodaboy1978 Arachnopeon

  13. ChrisInDisguise

    ChrisInDisguise Arachnopeon

    Can't someone call the A-Team to the rescue?
    Nine months of investigation, Agents, 20 Years ?
    Because somebody didn't do his paperwork?
    That's just stupid!
  14. Falk

    Falk Arachnodemon

    You still havent read what i wrote
  15. Lorum

    Lorum Arachnosquire

    Genetic problems, diseases, and other troubles. You could make more bad than good for releasing spiders. There are different populations of Brachypelma smithi, as far as I know probably some of them are isolated (individuals from one locality don't mate with individuals of other localities). We don't want population's genome to get contaminated with hobby material.;)
  16. Any updates on his court appearance? I tried to look it up but haven't found anything.
  17. kevin88

    kevin88 Arachnopeon

    Something that seems kind of interesting about this to me is why would someone order Brachypelma smithi from someone overseas? There are loads of Captive bred babies in the U.S.

    Just seems sort of odd....like they ordered that one specifically to Attach the CITIES issue to the rest of the charges.
  18. Anastasia

    Anastasia Arachnoprince Old Timer

    I been thinking same thing, I think possible set up?
  19. kevin88

    kevin88 Arachnopeon

    Thats kind of what im thinking. Why on earth get 22 Brachypelma smithi from overseas when theres hundreds in the U.S. lol
  20. CandyFana

    CandyFana Arachnopeon

    If all poeple who baught spiders from Sven and who was very pleased with his deal, give 3-5 dollards; we would be abble to pay this stupid $250000.

    The real bad ones knows how to be safe. And one like Sven, mush to good to all, always an answer, spiders very very good handled, always quality, low prices. A real charm to him.

    the good ones can not prevent themself from stupidity like this.

    We must do something to help :8o
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