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Smeringurus mesaensis


Old Timer
Mar 23, 2003
About 1/2 hour ago I was checking the temps in my tank as it has got a new eating system. I removed the piece of cork bark to read the temperature when I got stung on the side of the tip of my thumb. It was only a quick jab but it did hurt a lot. It was like someone had jabbed a red hot needle deep into my thumb.
The pain has mostly subsided now and there isn't any swelling but the spot where the sting occured is throbbing and is extremely tender. Not an experience I want to repeat.


Old Timer
Jan 5, 2005
Smeringurus mesaensis - Dune scorpion
I was doing some filming and playing at my local petstore when it came up that my filmographer and one of the petstore buddies i was talking to not only had not seen a scorpion flouresce but had never even heard of it! Well i had to run out to my car and get my handy dandy ultraviolet and show that that particular bit of scorpion magic. We shined and played a number of different species, including the S. mesaensis. The mesa glowed a very vibrant green and i just couldn't resist playing with it a little bit. I wanted to play house but it wanted to play tag! The scorpion was 3-3.5""BL" and in apparently good health.

The scorpion stung me on the fingertip of my right first finger. I could have avoided the sting if i didn't play with teh scorpion =P

+0 minutes: The initial pain came from the aculeus piercing the tip of my finger.
+0.083minutes: Venom pain of an acute nature followed quite quickly (within maybe ~5 seconds) and was a .2/5 (slightly worse than a good paper cut).
+15 minutes: The venom pain ramped up to .3/5 (a good cardboard papercut, almost a lit matchhead, but in this case less acute) as it grew less acute and seemed to spread to my whole finger over about 15 minutes time.
+30 minutes: Within about a half hour i noticed that my finger definitely was starting to swell.
+36 hours: my finger is still swollen and a little movement impaired, therefrom
+48-72 hours: full recovery as far as i could tell and can remember