Smeringurus mesaensis molting?


May 27, 2018
So I'm pretty sure that my Smeringurus mesaensis is molting. It's on a mix of sand and eco earth, it has a water dish(basically a gatorade bottle cap) but I've never seen it drink form it. I keep it at about 85 to 90 Fahrenheit.

Anyway i was wondering if I should overflow the water dish so that it bumps up the humidity a bit to help it out?.

PS: the cricket in the picture is no longer with the her. I originally was feeding her then realized she look like she was in premolt, so it's been removed. Also I'm saying she but I dont know its sex yet, but 90% of my unsexed animals turn out to be female. I know that shes missing a leg, when I got her she was already like that.