Slings hiding food in burrow


Mar 14, 2017
I have a few slings I've recently purchased, all housed in little medicine vials for now. All of the slings have been busy building burrows and pretending they are trapdoor spiders. A couple of days ago I gave them all baby crickets to eat that were mostly dead. It was fascinating to watch as a few of the slings couple darted out of their burrows to grab the cricket to drag it to its doom. Other t's took the crickets by the following morning (I'm assuming dragging their food down into their burrows). At least one of them (and perhaps more, but only one is visible to me) has left their food deep in the burrow to rot.

This has left me in a predicament. Let the food rot and potentially mold. Or ruin and upset the T's housing and burrows to remove the remains of the food that hasn't been eaten.

What do I do? I'm sure this behavior has been seen and discussed before, I just can't find instances of this particular behavior or its resolution. Thoughts? Links to threads/websites about this subject?


Old Timer
Dec 8, 2006
If you are positive there's a rotting cricket, and not a bolus (less reason for concern on that one than a crix), I'd remove it. I do it, and all the slings do fine. OR you get a cleanup crew, as some people use.