sling question


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Nov 6, 2006
Hello, a few questions (again!)
I have a mexican red knee sling that is very very small. Kinda looks like a house spider but not if ya know what I mean. Anyway, this is my first sling, my other T's were adult when I got them, and I just wondered how often I should feed it? I'm going on abdomen size at the moment but it hasn't molted in ages and I'm sure it should have had one by now. I don't want to power feed it but I'm worried it's not getting enough food. It looks healthy, abdomen is in porportion.
I am also curious about my Red leg, it's a juvie and when I got it it had already kicked all its hairs off. I was told at the time that it was fine to handle. I haven't handled it, it's molted all its hairs back and hasn't kicked since, even though I throughly upset it removing the molt. I know these are fond of hair-kicking but I just wondered if its more it likes being left alone. ?? Just pondered, I like asking questions!!!!!! thanks for any help!! :worship:


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Sep 29, 2006
1. i feed all my slings only once a week on one or two prey items, and have never lost a brachy that way. they don't grow much slower than the powerfeeding variety, either.

2. of course it will kick less hairs if you bother it less ;). but i've never heard of b. boehmei (i get that is a fireleg?) that won't kick when you pick it up. also, many of them will use their urticating hairs to make their hides safer or spread them on the molting mat for the same purpose. so even if you never provoke it into kicking, it might still get a bald butt over time. happened with my b. annitha - stupid girl, as if i'd put my hand in her hide :rolleyes:


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Apr 15, 2007
Hi, I have two slings of Brachypelma (bohemei and auratum), I feed them once in a week, if they doesn't eat the prey, I remove it and give another prey the next week, don't overfeed 'cause your sling could have problems to molt, my slings have molted twice in four months. Don't desperate, your spling will molt.

And with your Juvie, if you want to handle, do it carefully, maybe your Tarantula is not accustomed to the handling. :cool: