sling care


Dec 22, 2002
how do u care for a 1/4 b. smithi sling? i mean, when u look at a pricelist and see a sling at 1/4, u dont realize how small that is until u pull out a ruler...anyway thansk for the help

oh, and if u havn't noticed i havn't taken care of slings before so im lil worried.


Old Timer
Feb 27, 2003
I have 2 smithi slings I bought in February at 1/4". Here is how keep mine:

1. 16oz deli cups with plenty of holes in the cup and lid to avoid condensation. No holes around the area with substrate.
2. I tape a hygrometer to the lid and re-use that lid and keep it clean. Change the cups as needed.
3. I use 50/50 Sphagnum Peat Moss and Vermiculite - about 1-1/2" deep.
4. I use a small glass jar lid as a water dish with a rock (baby food size).
5. I have a liquid crystal thermometer strip against the wall inside the cup - not taped, just loose.
6. I use a 50w infrared heat lamp to keep them in the 80-85f range.
7. Humidity is in the 80% range. The jar lid should keep this maintained when kept full and subsrate kept at least 1-1/2" deep.
8. Feed Baby crics - pull off jumping legs and/or smash their heads before dropping them in. Feed as often as they take food.

I think this covers it - hope it helps.

Peace, Dario