Skittish L. parahybana sling/juvie


Old Timer
Nov 19, 2010
On a quick side note, when do our furry friends assume the title of juvenile as opposed to sling?

I have a young, unsexed L. parahybana and was wondering if their being rather skittish is something they do as a young one and grow out of it or did I get a wimp? I've read that once mature, this species gets quite large and unafraid of much so I was wondering if they as a species were tough even as juvies... Something as small as me preparing to remove the lid for feeding time sends her/him running into the burrow underneath their hide so fast you'd swear the terrarium was ablaze. Coming out and investigating the cricket situation commences about 10 minutes later.


Aug 22, 2010
I think it is a sling thing. Of course, it depends on the individual spider in most cases. I have read that people have adult LP's that always hide. However, their reputation is that once they reach the 2"-3" mark, they don't hide or run as often.

Not just LP's, but most spiders will run (with a few genuinely aggressive/defensive species) to their hides or places of comfort if touched, some are just more sensitive than others.

Side note: generally, a T is considered a juvie once it hits the ~2" mark. Anything under 2" is considered a sling. (dwarf T's aside)



Nov 12, 2010
I just got a 2" LP female from Mack&Cass myself. Good to know she's a juvie now so I don't call her a sling! She just arrived yesterday so if she's a bit skittish I can understand that. I had to transfer her from her smaller container home to her new enclosure and so needed to pick her up. She actually kicked hairs at me but didn't manage to make me itch. It was adorable and I know if she were bigger I'd not be saying that. Still after making a half arsed attempt at a threat posture she immediately just stopped and allowed herself to be gently nudged onto my hand and transferred. She's a gorgeous little thing, but definitely a lot more skittish than my G. rosea who seems to let absolutely nothing affect her whatsoever. I went to fill the LP's water today and she ran a couple inches when the lid opened but then didn't move after that. I guess it's safe to say slings are reasonably skittish? I got a teeny tiny B. auratum sling and it certainly is!