Signal Crayfish questions


May 9, 2017
Hello, I am going to forewarn you guys that I am rather rusty in invertebrate care.. And if anyone out there could point me to proper articles and valid studies it would be appreciated.

I ask for some valid study if possible because while not particularly on this forum or even "genre" of forums... I have before gotten advice from people whom when I'd try to confirm the information elsewhere it gets either "debunked" or just an argument with no actual solid evidence that would hold merit. To say the least, it has cost me quite a lot of money on care for other things like fish, only for them to end up dead.

Now the reason I am being sooo gungho again is because the internet being the internet, just about anyone can go on a forum and input whatever data. Whether it's correct or dubious is a mystery at times.

Since I am a rather novice keeper (well novice as the only time I had an invertebrate was a decade ago or so), I am trying to do my research extensively.

Now my questions are as follow:

I have found many online sources claim the typical life span for a pet crayfish is 2-5 years.

Now, I also sort of stumbled onto information regarding a long lived crayfish called the "signal crayfish".

I was wondering if anyone had any solid information on these? Apparently they can live up to 40 years? Is there any good source of information that agrees?

Also, can these be kept in captivity? Has anyone tried keeping them and succesfull? If so, how long have you had it and how long has it lived thus far? I was hoping to eventually set up a small aquarium for them. Just not sure about minimum size limit for them.

I was also wondering if there are other freshwater/aquatic invertebrates that have a longer lifespan than 5 years?

I apologize if anything comes off negatively or anything... I'd just want to be pointed in the right direction. Rather not invest on something and have it die, only to find out later that it died because I did something from an information given to me.

I decided to join up here because a personal acquaintance has told me great things about the website and it's users.

Thank you or your time and sorry for the wall of text.


Dec 4, 2016
I'd love to hear more about this allegedly long lived crayfish.


Jul 28, 2016
Interesting. I know that Orconectes crayfish rarely live more than two or three years, and sometimes you see large numbers of deceased adults.


May 30, 2017
I have had a white albino crayfish i had it for 10 month and just now im see discoloration on its back and inside im guessing can anyone tell me if this is bad?