Old Timer
Dec 23, 2002
Another pet store story...

On Saturday I passed by a reptile store I didn't know. I decided to go in. What I saw brought tears in my eyes. Not just that the were housing most kinds of reptiles wrong. A turtle for example had to live in more than dirty water without any light or heating and two tanks packed upon her cage. Looking a bit further i found a wall were the T's were "stored". There were also some scorpions and centipedes. All the animals in every single tank were dead, just dead. About 30 dead T's and maybe 15 scorpions and centipedes. They housed them with just half a centimeter of bark as surface. Without any water or shelter. All the tanks were sealed with scotch tape. I did not have enough money with me but all I could do for the moment was saving one of the last 5 living T's, a A. metallica which was in a very bad condition. But she seemes to recover more from minute to minute. What I did today was calling the "animal protecting society" to handle that problem. I hope they manage to close the damn shop forever and sentence the owners a high penalty...
I just can't understand how somebody can treat a creature like that and call himself pet lover.


Celestial Spider
Old Timer
Feb 13, 2003
People like that are just plain SICK!
I hope they get nailed to the wall.
Have a bunch of your friends call and complain,
they will not check it out if only one person complains.


Old Timer
Feb 6, 2003
:( :( :(

Knowing me I probably would have been screaming at them by the time I found any live T's.
I Hate places like that.
I really do.
Good luck in getting them nailed.
Rememeber, persistance works.