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Serradigitus gertschi


Old Timer
Jun 20, 2004
Serradigitus gertschi striatus

-adult female, took her 37 tries before she managed to pierce my flesh on my pinkie finger {D
-initial pain felt liek a grain of salt in a cut and lasted for about 2 min :rolleyes:


Old Timer
Mar 18, 2005
One of the Serradigitus gertschi I found the other day at a wedding tagged me.
Took me a couple minutes to figure out if the lil guy stung me or if it was the dead blackberry that covered parts of the rock he was basking on.

Initial sting was nothing more than a pinprick. Right on the tip of my middle finger. Constant tingling "pins and needles" type effect for approxamately for 10 minutes after initial sting. After that time, same effect could be felt when pressure is applied to sting site for approxamately 1 hour after time of sting. Very slight inflamation/redness at site noted 12 hours after time of sting. Inflamation was not noted after 15 hours. No other effects noted.

on a scale from 1-5
this would have been a 0