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Old Timer
Sep 27, 2002
Hey folks,

What is this I read about C. fasciatum being 'Semi-arboreal'? Is this a myth, of sorts, or is there something in physiology that makes it different from a terrestrial T? On that note, what (if any)are the physiological differences between terrestrial and arboreal tarantulas?



Old Timer
Sep 9, 2002
Some T's are definatly semi aboreal, my Togo Starburst burrowed
but everynight it hunts from the top of its pet pal,

Physical differences, aboreals tend to be smaller smarter faster, more sturdy, have better color patterns,

the Terrestrial types seem to be darker in color, because the ground is usually darker. more fragile, slower if they burrow, less reliant on webs, Most likely have more ways of defending itself ie hissing, spin kicking (Columbian Red Leg), urticating etc

of course there are exceptions to every thing.