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Selenocosmia crassipes


Sep 23, 2002
hello hello
im from australia and i have recently accquired a QLD bir eating spider ... it is rather posinonous and i had to sign an indemnity form to not sue the pet store if i was to get bitten (this should have served as a hint):rolleyes:

anyway ... i was cleaning out my spiders cage one day (i have her housed in a large plastic spider thingy ((cant find the right words .. its late shhh)) and she lives in a toilet-paper-tube buried in peat.)

anyway this particular day my mind wasnt fully on task and the spider hadnt eaten for a while (i kept forgetting to buy crickets) she jumped out of her roll and bit me between my forefinger and thumb, on that soft part, it wasnt a dry bite as i couldf eel the venom getting pumped into my hand & she couldnt dislodge herself, eventually she did (she did this by tearing herself off me and leaving me with a gash requiring 6 stitches) soon my hand was redand buring, then my whole arm felt like it was on fire ... i couldnt see or think clearly then i began to have difficulties swallowing, i forgot where i was and was sweating an extremely nautious ... jusy my luck that i was home alone and there is no real antivenom fort his type of thing ... anyay about 5 hours later the pain began to subside and within a week all symptoms were gone

that was longer than i intended it to be
- sorry