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Selenocosmia Aruana


Arachnosupporter +
Oct 26, 2013
Tarantula: 3 inch Selenocosmia Aruana
Scenario: The juvenile tarantula turned around and bit me while I was taking out a dead cricket from behind her... Yes rookie mistake... I normally use tongs, but was in a hurry and the tongs were a whole 5 feet away!! Oh no! She tagged me on my right middle finger, and I immediately felt the burning sensation. I pulled by finger away, and she let go.
I immediately looked at my finger, and saw a clear drop of venom... I looked further for a bite mark, but couldn't really see.... but I knew I had been bit because I felt it. And it couldn't have been a dry bite because clearly there was venom on my finger.
I went upstairs, ran my finger under cold water... I did not try to squeeze anything out... Just let the cool water run on my finger. After that, I just iced it.

1:30 - bite
1:35 - slight burning sensation.
Ice pack.
Burning sensation when ice pack lifted.
1:50 ice pack on and tingling sensation entire finger
2:10. Lifted ice pack. Finger tiny bit swollen. Experiencing some sensitivity. Overall finger feels warm. No big deal as of right now.
2:30 I don't really feel any pain.

In the morning, all symptoms were gone....

I thought i was going to experience a little more pain, more swelling, maybe some cramps.... but nope. Nothing.
I took a few photos, but there really isn't much to show. No swelling that can be observed in the photo, and no bite marks...