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Scorpions Of Medical Importance


Jul 24, 2002
Scorpions Of Medical Importance By Hugh L. Keegan


This publication will find some use among more advanced keepers of scorpions. The information provided is presented to help those who may be working with scorpions in a medical sense. From what I have heard/read much if the medical treatment outlined in this book is outdated and/or is debated today in the medical community. The outdated medical theory aside there is a good amount of taxonomic information presented of many of the medically significant species that one might come across.

There is a section on scorpion anatomy that is of an itermediate level that is used in the descriptions of the various scorpion species presented in the remainder of the book. There are excellent drawings done by several illustrators of most of the species outlined. Along with a whole-scorpion illustration of a particular species are detailed close-ups of the chelicera, metasoma, pectines and pedipalps. There are also detailed descriptions of pectine counts and other features used in identification.

Medical accounts of envenomations are also detailed along with the descriptions of the systemic effets of severe envenomations of several species.

Outdated information aside, I believe this publication would be useful to the advance keeper.

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