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Scorpions of Brazil


Jul 24, 2002
Scorpions of Brazil By Wilson R. Lourenco


This publication is designed for use in the taxonomic identification of scorpions from Brazil and regions of South America adjacent to Brazil. This book would probably not be very useful to the average keeper of scorpions living outside the confines of South America.

There are a plethora of taxonomic drawings alongside black and whit photographs of many species which would aide the advanced hobbiest or taxonomist in the identification of species from this region.

There is no information on keeping scorpions in captivity.

I will leave a more detailed criticism on the taxonomic merits of this book to those who are more knowledegable in this area.

The final section of this book presents information and theories on the ecology, migration and range of species over time. Modern ranges of various species are also presented in this section along with changes of species range brought about by human intercession in the region.

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