Scorpion identification.


Old Timer
Jul 27, 2002
So far, I've only had experience with P. imperator, but I've been thinking of moving up to a more impressive (and unfortunately, aggressive) species. In particular, I was thinking about Hadrurus arizonensis.

I absolutely will not keep any scorpion that has a decent chance of killing me. And while I am aware that H. arizonensis has mild venom, it (particular the paler specimens) still bears some resemblance to a few other medically significant species.

Obviously, H, arizonensis has a unique appearance, but I'm still something of an amateur at scorpion keeping, and to me it still looks much like your averge thick-tailed, small-clawed yellow scorpion.

So, is anyone aware of any identification keys that will allow an amateur such as myself to know for certain that I am actually getting an H. arizonensis, and not another species that might have been mislabeled?