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Scorpion Business Questions

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by Victor Koney, Jul 3, 2017.

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    Yes we will have to look at the laws within the United States about importation of potentially deadly scorpions. I think this sounds a profitable business so it's something we are looking into at the moment.
  2. Steev

    Steev Arachnopeon

    Hello I just see your post , I'm running a business like that in haiti and transport venom to USA so you can contact me directly in my email for more info on how to set up a business with you . estiverne8@gmail.com
  3. Business man

    Business man Arachnopeon

    Are you still looking to invest in this? Because I’d like to present a business oppoetunity I have about this. Thank you. Hope to hear back from you.
  4. KYguy

    KYguy Arachnopeon

    Hi, I am new here as well to these forums and just getting back into scorps myself. I too have looked into the possibility of making this childhood hobby a secondary income. I have had to do a bit of research on the subject myself. As many here have pointed out that there hasn't been a big need for rare anti venoms when only people in the scorpion hobby would ever possibly encounter anything that would cause you to need them in the States. After all there is only like 25 species considered deadly anyway, mostly to children and the elderly with other health conditions.

    As far as I have found, is that if you still wish to pursue the milking trade. These are a long list of things that I would consider:
    Start up cost - you will want to have safety precautions in place, if you wish to house the more dangerous species. Not just epinephrine pen but also a source of anti venom yourself and a know a local facility that would be able to administer it correctly. "Have a specialist in mind" because in time of emergency time is of the essence! Also consider containment protocols in the case of a major disaster and your dangerous little friends where to escape. For me I considered the possibility of a well contained facility with things such as sticky trap type boarders to go along any possible escape routes. I say this because safety in all manners should be priority number one. Not just for your safety but also for the safety of the hobby. A major release that could turn into a possible invasive specie would be then end of your business after the courts get done with you but it would also greatly damage the hobby as a whole and bring more regulations upon the rest of the trade. Also with this much investment in animals you would want backup generators, water supplies for power outages and things of that nature. Several thousand scorpions dead because of a power outage in middle of winter would ruin you. You also would have to be prepared for sickness, bacterial breakouts and that sort of thing.

    Now once you have considered safety I would suggest doing a lot of reading. There is somewhere between 1200 - 1500 different scorpions that you have to dig deep to find specific data or information of any great use for any one of them especially if you plan on going as big with it as I can tell from your post. There are many forums, scientific journals, and books that are written by explorers, scientist, and other experts alike. And consider what type of business you want to focus on: pet trade, anti venoms, research. I say this because all of which are possibilities. But you mentioned you have never even seen a scorpion, so please do yourself a great favor and find a knowledgeable person that can introduce you to the world before you jump into it. And end up with a bunch of random animals that you will never be able to manage or have some direction for their use. Rather that be another facility, hobbyist, or a competent person in the field of arachnology..... Anyone that can give you a run down before you start playing with fire. Look up many sting stories and the aftermath. Scorpion venom is so unique because one venom can be completely different from one another. Some are neurotoxins, some are chlorotoxin, ect. ect. Some have no anti venom available or some are just resistant to anti venom altogether. Some effect your organs while some eat your flesh and are very hard to heal at all much like a brown recluse bite. And then after all that decide if its still something you wish to pursue. Its your life your playing with.

    Also keep in mind these are living creatures and deserve at least that respect, you will owe them a moral debt to keep them healthy and happy. I hate the idea of puppy mills and people who have no love but for the dollar bill at the expense of another living creatures.

    Now as far as care and equipment: you will have to consider containers, programmable hydrators/dehydrators, thermometers, hydrometers, fans, lights, substrates, dishes, tools much of which will have to be for advanced and industrial use for a large scale operation to be efficient. Some of which I will just tell you can be several thousand dollars. As well as a large facility itself, and it would almost have to have an Electro Stimulator Device or maybe even this new robotic scorpion milking machine that is rumored about, but I have still yet to see in action. Once you have learned more about the chemical properties of the venom's themselves you will learn that they are very complex. But to keep them you must have specialized equipment like cryo ultra cold freezers to even store it for more than a day or so before it becomes totally useless in most fields. You will also have to consider this being in the states you will have to consider specialized shipping containers to keep such temperatures for extended shipments as most would have to go overseas. Also be noted from what little research I have done from other scientist work that most all venoms are different from one another. And I mean all the way down to the molecular level. One species may have a low mass molecular count of 356 from one region or a specific set of peptides but the exact same species from a very nearby region may be similar but different. Meaning that you would have to have each of your venom's tested scientifically, and then you would have to find a strain that matches the needs of which ever consumer if you wish to sell to the research field. Even today there are several of the ultra rare species that have yet to even have their venoms classified. It's so complex you would probably be better of going to school to specialize in it before you could even comprehend some of the things that go into it. Because I sure as hell don't lol. So yes, venom can be very expensive, especially in the research area, but that's for a very good reason. Not to mention most any facility that is buying on that level for research will only deal with a accredited and knowledgeable lab facility that is of the medical standards and staffed. Or just farm there own as part of the research its self. So be ready to do lots of notes as you will have to document EVERYTHING! Have regular inspections, and I am sure there are many permits and licenses that would also have to be acquired to deal in the medical research field. As well as state and federal laws to top it off. And possibly even permits to transport the animals themselves across each state and federal lines, because at that point your not just a hobbyist.

    And then after you know more about what your getting into go back over step one and re evaluate safety precautions. As I stated if your are going big with it, you are no longer putting just yourself at risk. Thousands of deadly scorpions floating around your town is going to put you in a bad place. Think "fukashima" lol

    Sorry this was so long winded but even these things just scratch the surface of what you should be thinking about before biting into a large scale operation. And I thought maybe this if nothing else will give you some direction in finding which path you might want to take. Because if you are like me, once I started digging deeper into it. I realized there is allot more to it than I had initially anticipated. If you want to make facebook video money. Be ready for a rude awakening! But as far as I know anti venoms are not nearly as profitable but don't have near the requirements to dabble in either. And are much easier to get into period. And of course you can always stay in the pet trade business and sell all of us hard to find species! :) Just depends on how much work and investment you are willing to put into it after you have done some major research.

    * OK I shut up now that your eyes are bleeding from reading all of this...... If you even made it this far lol
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2018
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  5. Edwin Pinder

    Edwin Pinder Arachnopeon

    I also have a associate that collects scorpions at this present time and is looking for a market to sell. So if there is a need I may be able to direct you to a source where you can purchase scorpions for your research or milking purpose.
  6. Edwin Pinder

    Edwin Pinder Arachnopeon

    I have an associate who may be willing to hear a proposal in terms of a business opportunity because from the time he heard of the value of the scorpion venom he have been collecting and keeping them and to date he may have thousands in his possession. please contact me at eddiegold18@gmail.com with your proposal and maybe we can start something phenomenal.
  7. Muhammed Usman

    Muhammed Usman Arachnopeon

    Hello people, I am into Scorpion farming, currently I have thousands of scorpion in my farm, but access to the milking machine is a setback.. Anyone with good information as regards the machine should contact me at usmanalfa03@yahoo.com. Also I sell in large quantities if you are interested contact me. Thanks........
  8. NYAN

    NYAN Arachnoking Active Member

    I wonder if these guys know any Nigerian princes..
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  9. Hey so how do you transport them to US? Is it legal? Also have you gotten any info on how to obtain the milking robot ?
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  10. NYAN

    NYAN Arachnoking Active Member

    It’s a scam.
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  11. Bob Lee

    Bob Lee Arachnobaron Active Member

    Milking scorps sounds like a horrible idea(Because the huge amount of scorps you need and all the land and buildings and equipments you need). I would suggest go with a specie that commonly tag people AND is easy to breed(reproduce), something like Tityus Stigmurus(Basicly the only specie I know :rolleyes:). These guys reproduce asexually and are pretty communal, and lots of accidental stings happen every year. But honestly you would be making way more just selling the scorps, people pay a lot for scorps that they want.
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