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Scorpio maurus fuscus


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Apr 17, 2008
I had been stung a lot of times by some scorpions species
[more that 100, I breeds scorpions some years], but this
time, Scorpio maurus fuscus, was different from another times.

The scorpion was 7 CM long.
I put it on my hand - for moving him to "new bigger home", and stung.
all the times that this scorpion genus had stung me,
it was a very little pain [his pinching more painful from his venom..].
at the last time I developed a little allergy to scorpion's
venom - that expressed of little itchiness at the stung place.
This time, I had not feel the stinging, that was so light,
and the pinching was so strong - that if I wasn't see it,
I had never know that was a stung.
after 3 Minutes the place got swelled.
next 3-4 Minutes, it's got swelled so much that the
finger segment got a yellowish color [1.5 from it's regular size].
after more little time, sbout 2 minutes, the itchiness was developed
gradually, until all the arm, from the finger to the elbow
was very itching and reddish color.
I put my arm at bucket full hot water [that was help
to me in the past] to 5 minutes. after that I took out
my hand from the bucket - it had still itching, but
significantly less. after more 10 minutes the itchiness was gone.

No long range or lingering effects.
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