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Scorp for a beginner?

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by SPrice91, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. SPrice91

    SPrice91 Arachnopeon

    exactly what the title says
    Im interested in purchasing a scorpion but I know nothing about them, yet~
    can someone please point me into the right direction? Scorpion best for a beginner~ price range~ all the basic info I will need on making my decision.
    Thanks for your time
  2. endoflove

    endoflove Arachnoknight Old Timer

    emp scorp

    cheep around 10-20 per specimen remember its big black and glows in the dark, rarely ever stings and its a FOREST type not a desert remember that
  3. Aschamne

    Aschamne Arachnobaron Old Timer

    P. imperator or H. arizonensis are the best beginner scorpions. The P. imperator is tropical and requires high humidity where the H. arizonensis is desert and requires low humidity. P. imperator prices are anywhere from as low as $4 to $30 depending on where you buy them and what instar they are. The H. arizonensis are $15 to $40.

  4. calum

    calum Arachnoprince

    most Heterometrus and Pandinus species are hardy, and thrive in captivity. usually quite cheap too.
  5. Bazzgazm

    Bazzgazm Arachnoknight

    i'm one of those people who usually doesn't get the same one as everyone else, but after testing the attitudes of the scorpions a colony of emperor or asian forrest (any heterometrus) are pretty neat... i've got a pair now and of all the hide places. they hang out together under the same log... but it's neat to watch them dig around and move stuff.. strong little buggers.. and for me i enjoy handling my critters and really... i saw the attitude of hadrurus, androctonus, and decided.. i best start simple.
  6. gambite

    gambite Arachnoprince Old Timer

    H. paucidens and other flat rock scorps seem like they would be great for begginers as well. Don't let their bulk fool you, though, they can be very fast when they want to be! Almost lost one of mine that way. They are still pretty docile, though, and their sting is almost nonexistent.
  7. reverendsterlin

    reverendsterlin Arachnoprince Old Timer

    I would have to say Centruroides vitattus, cheap, communal, easy to keep, and while a buthid the sting is not bad.
  8. Aschamne

    Aschamne Arachnobaron Old Timer

    But with the OP being from Illinois Centruroides vitattus is not an option.

  9. I started out with emperors. They're cheap, docile (though my female has a bit of a temper... {D), and easy to care for. My male will let me handle him whenever I want, as long as he isn't eating.

    Look out for their pinches though, they're quite powerful. My female gave me a pretty nasty pinch before when I was breaking up a fight. Also got a dry sting from that little incident.
  10. Mr. Quick

    Mr. Quick Arachnosquire

    I love www.ajexotics.com. This is a great site. They have good prices and a good list of scorpions to choose from!
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