Scolopendros heros?


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Jan 14, 2008
Back in college, I participated in a biological survey, BioBlitz, of all flora and fauna in a selected region. This was opened to all biologists and also families who wanted to volunteer.

Anyways, I believe some kids found some S. heros and threw them together into a KK. Unfortunately, one got eaten.

Looking back at my old photos, I noticed the victim has an orange leg. Is this a different colormorph or is it a separate species? I don't have a better photo and this was way before I was interested in invertebrates. I believe a researcher from OU or OSU took the pede home.

This was near Okmulgee, OK in Dripping Springs State Park.

Elytra and Antenna

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Sep 12, 2002
What's the difference between a colormorph and a "trivial variation"?
Severity, genetics, geography... if you have a colony of related inverebrates and each one with a minor difference in color or shade is what you call a colormorph then by your definition it is what you choose it to be. If standards are completely subjective then there are no answers or all answers are correct.