Scolopendra subspinipes bites effects


Old Timer
Jul 13, 2008
From what i gather it hurts like hell, stings, itches, and swells up for a couple of days. But are there any permanent effects?
I've been stung by a common jellyfish before now and also nearly had a chunk of my finger torn off by a yellow ackie lizard, hows do those compare?
I might be gettings a Scolopendra subspinipes tomorrow. I've been reading up a lot about them for a while but bite report wise i've seen mixed reports :/


Aug 22, 2010
I think the permanent effects would include the following: more care exercised when dealing with the pede, nightmares, and a good story. If you are lucky you might have a couple of gnarly scars to show at parties and other events;P. Also, it depends on the species. From what I have read, subspinipes subspinipes and subspinipes de haani hurt like hell...seriously. From experience, subspinipes mutilans is just a bit of tingling and swelling:?. The good story applies to all centipede bites, however{D.



Creeping beneath you
Old Timer
Oct 20, 2008
Thankfully I've never been bitten by anything larger than a 2" polymorpha after a few years of pedekeeping, thus I don't have 1st person reportage, but from reading other folks' experiences I will be making a concerted effort to avoid bites from subspinipes and/or de haani. From what I gather, with an envenomation from an adult you can expect:

-severe pain that isn't relieved by even morphine, comparable to breaking a bone, lasting 12 hrs.+
-nausea, cold sweats, flu-like symptoms
-swelling and joint ache
-repeat aches at the bite site long after being bitten
-palpitations, temp. constriction of blood flow(uncommon?)

Just for fun, search "subspinipes bite" & you'll come across a few med reports. Happy handling!