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Scolopendra Polymorpha 6" adult


Aug 7, 2015
7:15pm or so after work, decide to take out one of my more aggressive large Polymorpha to attempt socialization. 30 seconds in she surprised me with the old pinch and dump on my index finger and I allowed her to pump til she let go on her own. Immediate pain similar to a wasp sting, stronger then my last Polymorpha pinch from a larger individual. The pain increased over the next 15mins and became impressively substantial, probably about 3 to 4 times as bad as a typical wasp. It is the exact same type of pain as a Subspinipes bite but much much weaker, still no joke though. The pain peaked and held for 4 hours with minor local swelling. The next morning the typical itch from a pede envenomation appeared and the skin was hard in the area and stayed that way for about a weak and then subsided. After that the skin in the area of the bite tingled and shed heavily over the next month and now it's effects seem to have all gone away. Keep in mind out of about 30 Polymorpha envenomations this was by far the worst.

For pain relief I recommend a hot compress directly after envomation occurs as well as a baking soda cream applied after the compress. Works wonders on pede venom.