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Scolopendra longipes bite report


Dec 23, 2017
Specimen: 4.5-5 inch adult Scolopendra longipes

Location of bite: left hand on the side of the palm across from thumb.

Notes: 10-15 second self-envenomation

5:17PM: Sharp burning pain

5:25PM: swelling and redness sets in along with a warm feeling.

5:45PM: pain has plateaued. There is a warm and numb feeling at the bite site.

Around 6:30PM pain is almost gone.

7:45PM: Pain is gone and swelling is decreasing.

8:00PM: swelling is still decreasing. Some slight sensitivity and a cold feeling when touched.

9:15PM: almost all swelling has subsided. All that remains is a pins and needles sensation along with sensitivity when touched.

8:00AM: Just sensitivity at the bite site remains

The venom of this species is comparable to A Scolopendra heros bite. The pain from the bite reached its peak much quicker than with other species but disappeared very quick also. Swelling was surprisingly mild, only reaching 1-2 inches around the bite site. Pain was a 5/10 at its peak.
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