Scolopendra Gigantea


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Feb 18, 2003
in the nearby future i'm going to get a couple of Peruvian Gigantea's (about may03)

My question, what kind of container should i buy? need some suggestions on how to make the most safety and reliable container for my future pets, does someone has pictures of his scolopendra-container in details? i mean, what kind of lid, glass or plastic, double cage? etc....

all suggestions welcome

PS: i already had a couple of Suspines species, but 2 of them escaped from their terra and since then i didn't wanted to take another risc :( (i've kept them in an container with doors at the side, not so good idea,...
now i'm moving to a bigger home, with a room, i can fully use for my pets :D



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Mar 1, 2003
What I've done is make a lid that is actually attached to the frame of the tank. I used 1/8in. plexiglass and just screwed it to the plastic frame of the tank. It sits on the lib of this frame and I just drilled holes through the plastic and the frame and screwed it tight together. I've got a screw every inch an a half along all sides. In the middle of the top I cut out a section so that I can gain access to the inside of the tank. The opening is only big enough that I can get my hand in and reach all sections of the tank. Also it's in the center so if the pede does climb up the silicon in the corners of the fish tank, its has to climb upside down on a smooth surface to get to the opening (which I don't think they can do). Covering the opening I have a "lid" that's made out of a smaller piece of plexiglass that has its center cut out and covered with alumninium screening thats been epoxyed to the plexiglass (silicon would also probally work). This "lid" is then attached to the main cover by four steel wing nuts, at each corner, that attach through screws that go through both the cover and the "lid". I also drilled some small holes in the cover to allow for some more ventilation. The whole thing took about 4hrs. to make, but it is practically escape proof. Also it cost less than $20 to make. I don't have any pics of it, but I'm working on it.