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Scientific, Common, Personal Names, Labeling, & Schedule Keeping

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by LuiziBee, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. DVMT

    DVMT Arachnosquire

    I give all of mine personal names, and while TV serial killers was the theme we were going with i.e. "Tate" from American Horror story, "Dexter", then we got away from that because clearly there are only so many and it seemed to be a negative theme and started doing peoples names who have inspired us, musicians, song names, ect. Then we got up to 18 T's and just went with names we liked. I named my last 2 after characters on the show Workaholics. "Jet Set" and "Shib".

    We keep a feeding log and a molting log on a MS Word document along with a breif desription of each T including OW or NW, date we got them, size when we got them, sex if known, ideal temps and humidity, and general temperment for the species, if they are arboreal. terrestrial, or burrowing.

    Our feeding log just simply has type of food offered, date, and if the T ate it right away, overnight, within 24 hours or basically refused it.

    The molt log is just as simple and it includes the date and the size after it molted.

    And we have a "Clementine" too....lol

    We basically do it for our own records and knowledge of the species so we can track, learn, and monitor what they are doing.

    And I like labeling the enclosures with all 3 names... scientific, common, and personal. Just because we are growing our collection so fast and we like seeing the names to help us remember proper spelling and such.
  2. captmarga

    captmarga Arachnobaron

    Going to have to get on a soapbox just a bit here.

    If you do not label the individual enclosures, you are asking for trouble in the long run. Perhaps not if you have only three Ts that look nothing alike (for a wild example an OBT, a GBB and a rosea) and that any friend could easily research and ID. But if you have five, ten, 50, 100, 650, or 850 Ts, they need labels.

    I currently have 850 tarantulas from 2nd instar slings to gravid and proven adult females. The tiny slings don't have names yet, and some don't even have numbers (when we were housing from the eggsac, we numbered them - HB NCh 357 - ie homebred Nhandu chromatus #357) but the deli cups all have at least "NC" or "GP" or "AH/TP" on the lids or sides.

    I have helpers for feeding, watering, and packing when I sell Ts. If a T gets moved from one shelf to another, I have enough that look alike that "Id-ing" without a label could be really difficult.

    I give them pet names, and that name is on their habitat. If not on a stick-on Avery-type label, at least written in Sharpie marker (which can be wiped off with the right tools). Post-it notes on breeding are taped on the habitats as well, and I use an Excel spreadsheet for everything else. Call name, Latin name, hatch or acquisition date, from whom, gender, size when I got it, molts, breeding, sold, died.

    I may not keep up with ALL the molts, but I have most of them down, which is useful when they reach breeding size.

    Why is the labeling so important? My husband died very suddenly three years ago. Imagine if this were his collection and they weren't marked or labeled. Could you step in and ID more than 55 species of T, have any background on them? Know which ones were on loan for breeding? Who you owed 50/50 on slings back to?

    Whether you name them or call them A, B, C or 1, 2,3 is up to you, but at least take a marker to their deli cups, KK and Zoomeds, mark their species and gender if you know it, so someone else doesn't have to later.

    I've bought out two collections that had non-labeled or improperly labeled animals. Two spiders I still have no positive ID for. I can't sell them, I can't breed them.

    My 2c worth.

    Puts soapbox away.

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  3. LuiziBee

    LuiziBee Arachnobaron

    No. Definitely a good point. It was something I had thought about before. I'm glad you made that point.

    I just started a little book where i may start observing my T's. Maybe once a month or so. Just to have a little more info on each.

    I also finally finished putting their latin names on their enclosures.
  4. taraction

    taraction Arachnosquire

    all my tarantulas are named after rock music (e.g. 'black sabbath' for my g. pulchra). i started naming my scorpions after rap music, but apparently i gave it up after acquiring my asian forest scorpion pair "spice girl" (she hated me) and "beach boy" (he was so laid back).
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  5. famish

    famish Arachnopeon

    Good questions! I never give my tarantulas personal names. I've been keeping them on and off for about 20 years but have never named them. If I did, I would probably pick names like Matt, Scott or Karen.
    I have never labeled my enclosures either. I had up to 18 tarantulas at one point but never labeled them. I do however like to see the scientific names displayed on the enclosures. I guess it just reinforces the indexical aspect and scientific format of the "hobby" dare I call it that. Which brings me to my next reply - I always use scientific names. I will usually blurt out a common name after the scientific name when dealing with someone that doesn't know much about tarantulas - just so they know that they also go by the "commonly" used name. The problem with that is the correct pronunciation (which I believe was another recent thread). I have always kept molt logs/growth logs and behavioral journals in hopes to learn more about the species and become a better and more knowledgeable enthusiast. Best to all!
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  6. Taranto1989

    Taranto1989 Arachnosquire

    I Sharpie the Latin name, Common name and the given names on all of the enclosures I have. Ive just always done it and its very helpful when organizing and record keeping. I do keep a record on molts, date purchased, sightings for my H.lividum, and a medical log if I feel my T is sick I write the behavior of the T, the diagnosis, the action taken and finally the results. I do name all my Ts for a more personal experience with them and here they are. A. Versicolor: Aurora, G. Rosia: Botis, H. Lividum: Azura, L. Parahybana: Titan, N. Chromatus: Skeletor, P. Metallica: Windigo, P. Murinus: Nova. The names dont have any theme some go with the species, some the color or patterns and the G. Rosia is the only traditional one. Ive named every Rosie ive owned after a demon in folklore.
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2013
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  7. alpine

    alpine Arachnosquire

    since i currently have so few i put letters on my enclosures to denote the name i gave them.I also have a list but for the enclosures themselves they get letters. Ex: A for Arachne my G. Pulchripes and FB for Mr. Fire Butt my B. Vagans.
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  8. I label my slings with Latin names because it can get confusing between the very young ones until they get some distinctive colouration. My bigger species only have labels because I was bored at home one day. I only name my T's with pet names until I know what sex they are.
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  9. bliss

    bliss Arachnoprince Old Timer

    I always labeled my Tarantulas with scientific names.

    I never named too many of them.. but there were, at one point, seven tarantulas that I named after the "seven deadly sins", because the name fit their "personality".
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  10. I've given both GBB's "names" - but those are subject to change if eventual sexing shows I've got their genders wrong :D

    I don't need to label their enclosures because each enclosure has different features/decorations/web points - so I know which one is where.

    I do keep a log next to each enclosure so that when they stop taking food I can mark the schedule and note how long each pre-molt/molt takes. Once they're done molting, I note that date so I have a target date as to when I can try feeding them again (and not buy crickets for a while).

    Overall, the schedule helps create a log which - if I ever get more GBB's - will help set my expectations so I won't have the same questions or doubts the next time around.

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  11. Nameing your T is a sighn of attachment .I always name the Ts I plan to keep. Remember if you name it you get to keep it.
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  12. Right now we are only at seven....and we do not have duplicates. YES we name ours too....makes it easier for the kids. We do not have a theme though.....I like to name them after islands. But no...there is no real theme. Out of the seven two are in their permanent homes. The others are still growing growing growing....... we also Sharpie on the permanent home. Just our names for them. We have a program on the puter also. Keeps track of the molts ....feedings ....abnormal behaviours .....also lists them by scientific names too.

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  13. LuiziBee

    LuiziBee Arachnobaron

    I like your idea of sightings for the H. lividum. I think I may start doing that. That's an excellent idea!

    ---------- Post added 01-18-2013 at 12:51 PM ----------

    I still love your B. vagans name. Mr. Fire Butt. Hahahaha!
  14. taraction

    taraction Arachnosquire

    oh yeah, this. totally this. my collection used to flux a bit before 2012 (would lose interest in one species then suddenly crush on another one) but i've kept almost all the t's that i've named. since trimming my collection down to only the ones i can't live without, i find it even harder to part with ones i've given cool music names to.

    earlier this year i bought a pulchra sling, but never got around to naming it so i ended up trading it away without thinking too much about it. on the same note, i have a tremendously boring m. mesomelas that's mostly a pet hole, but since naming it "echoes" (my favorite pink floyd song) i will probably never let it go.
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  15. There is power in a name.
  16. mmfh

    mmfh Arachnobaron

    Its funny you mentioned "in case something happens". I have labeled all my tarantulas with scientific name, common name, arboreal or terrestrial, and mild, significant, or hot venom. The reason, in case I die and the spca comes to take my T's, at least they will have a clue what they are dealing with and if they are smart enough to contact an aracnid person they will know exactly what the humane society has. Morbid I know but I have no friends that will take care of my animals should I pass on.
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  17. LuiziBee

    LuiziBee Arachnobaron

    Yeah. It's something I have definitely thought about. Better safe than sorry.
  18. vespers

    vespers Arachnodemon

    Like being able to fly, or shoot lasers from my eyes?

    I don't really name mine, though they sometimes get called things over time. Currently, my largest arachnid is an adult female P. pederseni, which members of my family call "the big spider". So I've also called it that in conversations with them sometimes, just so they know what I was talking about.
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  19. zonbonzovi

    zonbonzovi Creeping beneath you Staff Member

    Label maker, binomials, molt dates & other pertinent info. in dry erase marker on enclosure if glass/masking tape if not, collection locale if I collected it(I keep a lot of other inverts aside from tarantulas). Pet names usually given by my wife or frequent visitors.
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  20. JZC

    JZC Arachnobaron

    I name all my pets, and I put a lot of thought into their names. Even my fish when I was a kid aka Reddy and Bluey
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