School presentation


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Jan 23, 2006
Ok , i have been asked to bring some bugs to a school and do a presentation about them.
I was asked to bring a few Tarantulas and some of my roaches and millipeded , centipedes and scorpions and what ever else i want to bring.

I will take my old G. rosea, and maybe another one, just not sure. maybe an Avic. but do oyu think it will stress the avic too much to take her over 100 miles away do a presentation and come back ?I dont think a bomb going off would stress the rosea lol
Also any suggestions on what info to give to grades K-3?


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Oct 29, 2004
School presentations

If you will be taking diferent insect and arachnids then talk about their diferences.
Why a bug is a bug Why a spider is a spider and so on.

talk to them about their habitat and the importance of them to habitat that environment.

thinks like that.
I don't think the spiders will be stressed out too much on your way there.
I think they all be stressed out on the way back after seeing so many two handed creatures talking,screaming and trying to pet them. :)

Good luck and have lots of fun.



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Oct 20, 2006
I just did a first grade presentation with reptiles and amphibians but I also brought my pink toe. She was great with the kids, I even let some hold her. It's amazing what you can get kids to do if you say its in the best interest of the animal, I got them all to hold their breath so she wouldnt be jumpy.

As far as which T to take, its up to you and which T has a better personality to handle the stress.

Kids like things they can interact with... if they can't touch an animal, let them touch some shed skin. Hissing cockroaches are always an awesome basic, the kids can touch them and they love the hissing. Giant millipedes are good because you can let them feel the feet. Anything dangerous, even if you can handle it, should be kept in a cage if the kids are going to get anywhere near it... little kids like to grab.

Ask the kids questions before you try to explain something, ask what they know about differences between spiders and insects, for example. Then get into your discussion.

Kids that young have a really hard time staying still, so make sure you have the full support of the teacher and any helpers in getting the kids to quiet down and stay in their seats. Don't get discouraged if they get distracted, it seems sometimes they get so excited they dont know what to do with themselves.

Good luck and have fun! And bring a bottle of hand sanitizer if the kids are going to touch anything... your pets dont want kid germs, and the kids dont want pet germs.

Black Widow88

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Jun 8, 2007
I did this once although this was with Painted Lady Butterflies ( Vanessa cardui ) in my school that I raised and I explained the life cycle and what they feed on during the different stages.

It was alot of fun! I enjoyed it alot.