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Scholpendra mulitans ordered

Discussion in 'Myriapods' started by Cecil the centipede, Jan 5, 2020.

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    So as the title suggests I have ordered a pede small one mulitans
    Just wondering if theres anything I need to be aware of ?
    I do already have a Malaysian cherry red. As in is the temp the same humidity etc
    I have looked on internet but I know this group of ppl know a little more that the general public.
    Thank u for your time
  2. NYAN

    NYAN Arachnoking Active Member

    I don’t measure temp or humidity and there’s generally no reason to. You can keep the two species about the same depending on the size.

    How big is the pede?
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2020
  3. It says it's a pedeling and online says small so I believe he or she is a young pede.
    The spider shop
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