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Scales & Tails -colorado springs - CO


Jan 9, 2011
This is a NEGATIVE review.

unfortunately due to a lack of very many reptile/invert focussed shops in colorado when i took up the hobby again i went their and bought 3 corn snakes all of which died none of which were replaced since the morph i wanted they were out on and they'd only give me half back on store credit. their store is disgusting they leave life food in with their reptiles (i once walked in to see a hatchling ball python basically being eaten alive by a rat that was way to big for it to eat in the first place) they have a high death rate apparently since i've walked in to see uromstyxes in a tiny tank together with a dead one collecting flies literally i've come in on shipment day and they never clean any of the tanks before adding something new even if what was in there before was sick i've watched them purposely make inverts bite and sting them because they think it's funny to video tape and it's just a horrid place made worse by chad who is rude condescending and if your female will basically stare at your chest the entire time your in the store. if you have to deal with anyone there deal with jake he at least seems to know somewhat what he's doing and seems to care otherwise i would just stay away