Safe lighting ?


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Jul 28, 2010
Could you please advise about safe lighting for T enclosures ?
I'd like to keep a low light plants in the enclosures. Have attached a photo of what I saw on another site - this is the look I want for my shelving system and enclosures.

Lars says he uses 5 and 10 watt halogen - so no fluorescents right ? I think its UVB they can't handle ?

Also are there specific red lights for night time viewing or just red coloured bulbs ? :?

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Apr 16, 2006
That is amazing! I really want to keep my numbers low enough to do a really nice dispplay setup. That has given me a lot of ideas.

Jaymz Bedell

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Dec 19, 2009
from the second picture it looks like they're simple compact flourescent bulbs, the same thing commonly used in a lot of homes around the world. halogen lights get very very hot, and put out a lot of heat. florescent lighting doesn't put out much heat at all, and are generally the best for growing plants. I could see a halogen light easily cooking a tarantula. they really do get that hot, in fact, a lot of reptile keepers have turned to the under cabinet halogen puck lights as a means of providing a basking spot for their heat loving reptiles. the halogens could work if they're far enough from the cage, but they really do get quite hot. people have been using florescent lights on their tarantulas for years with no ill effects.

as another option there are LED puck lights, similar to the halogens, but with LEDs. these put out very little heat and can be found in a spectrum conducive to plant growth. they're not quite as easy to find, but the extra effort is worth it.