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Rules Of Usage: Read Before Posting

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Sep 23, 2002
Rules Of Usage: Read Before Posting (Updated 09-18-03)

This forum is for you to post reviews on your (first hand) personal experiences from a specific transaction (most recent) with online dealers you have done business with (completed transaction). For the purposes of this forum, an online dealer is someone who regularly advertises invertebrate stock for sale on their webpage regardless of the scale of the business.

The review section is NOT for any discussions. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the person you wish to further discuss the review with either by PM or email. Please also refrain from quoting another post in your review.

Saying "what else can I say that hasn't been said" or "as others have said" or something similar has NO place being posted anywhere in your review. Another users review has absolutely NO BEARING on your own transaction and therefore has NO place (not even a mention or reference to) in YOUR review. <---For those of you that need it spelled out.

Please make sure that you include ALL relevant details of your specific transaction. Simply saying "smooth transaction", "great seller", "good guy", "great prices", "got my animal", "friendly" or anything similar does NOT qualify as a valid review and is subject to removal at our discretion. Some details may include (but not limited to): communication, shipping/packing, item as described, condition and/or quality of stock, etc. Please note that commenting on someone's character (character reviews) are not allowed and will not stand on their own. However, it may be included along with the review of your detailed transaction.

This forum is meant to serve as a resource to help you choose a good dealer and we hope you find it useful. Video reviews are allowed as long as they are accompanied by a written review. A remotely linked video review can always be removed by it's original source, written reviews are permanent.

What the forum is not:
  • This forum is not a place to get a dealer's attention. If you have a problem with an ongoing order, resolve it before posting. Reports about obviously unresolved problems are simply going to be deleted without notice. It is misleading to the readers to have a negative review on page 1 and a short paragraph that the problem was resolved on page 3 after you and the dealer have gone back and forth bickering with one another - it is far more effective to wait until everything is as resolved as it's going to get and post a complete review detailing the problems you had.
  • It is not a place to seek feedback from other board members. If you have further questions about someone's experiences with a given dealer, use the PM feature for the board.

The rules of usage:

Please check previous threads to see if the dealer/seller you wish to review already has their own thread and post to the appropriate one. There is one thread per dealer/seller, do not start a new thread for a dealer/seller that already has one. There is an index sticky in this forum for all the dealers that already have review threads, please use it. Each review thread can only be on one individual dealer/seller (you can not review 2 different dealers/sellers in the same post). You also can NOT compare the dealer/seller you are reviewing with any other dealer(s)/seller(s), as it has NO relevance to your specific transaction. You also can NOT post a review on behalf of someone else. It has to be from your own personal experience from a recent transaction. The other person, who had the experience with the dealer/seller, MUST post the review for themselves.

DO NOT initiate/start/create a thread for yourself. A customer will start one if they want to.

DO NOT review yourself or any works, products and/or services that you created/helped to create, in whole or in part and/or participated in.

DO NOT start a new thread for a dealer previously mentioned. Post to the already created thread. Each review thread can only be on one individual dealer (you can not review 2 different dealers in the same post).

DO NOT compare the dealer you are reviewing with any other dealer(s)/seller(s). It has NO relevance to your specific transaction.

If you are the starter of a new thread, the thread title should be the name of the dealer's business followed by the web address for their website. DO NOT start one for yourself. A customer will start one if they want to.

You must try to contact the dealer and make an attempt to resolve any issues BEFORE posting a NEGATIVE review. Please give the dealer a chance to make good on what may be a genuine error or misunderstanding, and see if your problem can be worked out to your satisfaction. NEGATIVE posts for which no attempts have been made to resolve the problem, WILL BE REMOVED.

To give the reviews consistency, a basic format must be followed:
  • Each review must be started off with a color coded rating for that dealer (just the rating, you do not need the description).

    Very satisfied with transaction conclusion. Would do business with again and would recommend to other people

    Satisfied with transaction conclusion. May or may not do business with again and may or may not recommend to others.

    Not satisfied with transaction conclusion. Would not do business with again and would not recommend to others.

    Yes, include the color, it makes the review classifications stand out to the reader. If you need help with color tags please see the vBB help page here.

    Please follow this up with your reasons for feeling this way and please stick to the precise facts of what transpired. Please make sure that you include details of your transaction.
  • Give a synopsis of what the deal was.
  • What was good about the deal/dealer. Possible examples: a wide selection, great website, online ordering with payment, fast response times, etc. If there was nothing good, then say so with details.
  • What could have been better about the deal/dealer. No dealer is perfect and they can't improve their service if you don't make constructive suggestions; examples might be numerous misspellings on their stocklist, packing, listing things they don't have in stock, slow response times, higher than normal prices, selling mis-ID'd slings, etc. If nothing could be improved, then say so.
  • A brief conclusion. Sum up why you would or wouldn't do business with the dealer again and whether you would recommend them to others.

If you fail to follow this simple 5 point format, your review may be removed without any prior notification. Also, the moderators reserve the right to make any changes necessary to your review to make it fit the format. If cleaning up after your posts becomes too commonplace, you may simply be banned from posting in the reviews forums.

Dealers are encouraged to respond and address any concerns they have with things stated in a negative review, and explain why the problem occurred and anything they did to resolve the issue. Please keep things professional.

Personal Attacks will NOT be allowed and Arachnopets reserves the right to remove any post deemed inappropriate.

All transactions, unless previously cleared by Arachnoboards administration, must be invertebrate-related! For reptile or other experiences/inquiries regarding a specific seller, please utilize the Board of Inquiry (BOI) at FaunaClassifieds.

Hoping you get alot of use out of this forum in choosing an online dealer,


*Please see the addendum found here: **Rules Addendum - Completed Transactions 10-14-09** <--- click me
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