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Arachnoboards Team
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Sep 23, 2002
This forum is here for you to a post positive, neutral or negative feedback (first hand) review on pet stores you have had personal experience with.

The review section is NOT for any discussions. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the person you wish to further discuss the review with either by PM or email. Please also refrain from quoting another post in your review.

Please check previous threads to see if the pet store you wish to review already has their own thread and post to the appropriate one.

DO NOT initiate/start/create a thread for yourself. A customer will start one if they want to.

DO NOT review yourself or any works, products and/or services that you created/helped to create, in whole or in part and/or participated in.

DO NOT compare the pet store you are reviewing with any other pet store/seller. One has nothing to do with the other.

Saying "what else can I say that hasn't been said" or "as others have said" or something similar has NO place being posted anywhere in your review. Another user's review or experience has absolutely NO BEARING on your own transaction and therefore has NO place (not even a mention or reference to) in YOUR review. <---For those of you that need it spelled out.

Do NOT start a new thread for a pet store previously mentioned. Post to the already created thread. Each review thread can only be on one single pet store (you can not review 2 different stores in the same post).

Thread Title should have the name of the petstore and the city, state that it is located in.

You are encouraged to talk with store management or ownership and see if any problems with the store can be resolved first before posting Negative feedback.

Please start your post off with one of the following ratings. Not the description, just the rating.

Very satisfied with transaction conclusion. Would do buisness with again and would recommend to other people

Satisfied with transaction conclusion. May or may not do buisness with again and may or may not recommend to others.

Not satisfied with transaction conclusion. Would not do buisness with again and would not recommend to others.

Please follow this up with your reasons for feeling this way. Please make sure that you include details of your transaction.

Pet Store management or ownership are encouraged to respond to negative reviews and explain why the problem occured and anything they did to resolve the issue.

Personal Attacks will NOT be allowed and Arachnopets reserves the right to remove any post deemed inappropriate.

Hoping you get alot of use out of this forum in choosing a pet store,

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