[Warning] Robbh3-Bela Halmi

Austin S.

Old Timer
May 9, 2006
Bela contacted me a few months ago to help in selling his collection. Being that I had dealt with him in the past, and all went smoothly, I agreed.
I ended up editing his whole collection, organizing his list, pricing, ID'ing his specimens, and posting for sale adds all over the place for him, all while putting MY name out on the line.
I even sent him a 3" female Aphonopelma moderatum, as well as several other things for trade (mentioned in pictures). I sent off my end of the deal on OCT. 12th. He still has not sent my stuff, and just makes excuses after excuses.

On top of that, I have had numerous people contact me personally for purchasing something off his list, after they had seen me post it. I direct them to Bela, and that's that, he can handle the rest. Come to find out, he received the money, and NEVER sent items, nor a refund! People would then contact me, slaying MY name by saying I was in on it! I cannot believe I was put into this situation, by just wanting to help someone, who really needs help. I will be in NYC soon, and I will get my stuff. However that is last resort.

I am posting this exact review/warning, EVERYWHERE. Bela will NOT come back from this.
It makes me absolutely sick.

Everyone who reads this, DO NOT buy from him.

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Apr 29, 2015
Sorry your good name is attached to such a tragedy, I hope it work out for you in the end.

Casey K

Nov 12, 2013
Damn, Austin.....so sorry that happened to you. You're definitely a positive influence to this hobby. You didn't deserve that, Pal and I hope you get it squared away. :(. You totally have my support!


Jul 23, 2015
I'm really sorry you got yourself into this mess trying to help a past customer. He took advantage of your long standing trusted reputation in this hobby and good nature to steal from you an others!
For those that are unaware or doubt Austin's voracity for truthfulness, as well as his outstanding reputation in this hobby, you simply need to check his past reviews (on numerous sites) going back years in this hobby to realize he was a victim as well...
I hope you are able to quickly resolve your issues with BKBUGZ-Bela, but from my past work experience dealing with these type of guy's, don't expect him to develop a conscious or moral epiphany anytime soon!


Dec 25, 2014
Ah, I'm sorry man. But from someone named Bela, ah ah ah, a pure nome omen detected, Christ. Lugosi the bucks-sucking Theraphosidae?

He was in the hospital? Uhm... not due to a little common incident with a baseball bat and good barbed wire on, I suppose :-s