[Warning] Robbh3-Bela Halmi


Old Timer
Jan 27, 2011
Buyer beware !! Warning be careful buying from Bela Halmi/Robbh3, brooklynbugs@yahoo.com

Do not buy from Bela Halmi . I purchased a group of frogs from Him And he failed to ship on a few different occasions and there was serious lack of communication so I asked for a refund and was told I would get it on the 22nd . On the 22nd I was then told I wouldn't get it till the 24th.later on the 22nd I was told I would get it in a few hours. Then in the 24th I was told they would be mailing a money order as a refund that day and told the same thing on the 25th. Days go by without communication I have no set date when I will get my 200.00 back if he ever actually sends it who knows . Don't make the same mistake I did .

I have our complete correspondence to back up my post.