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Aug 16, 2020
I have not seen any particular mentions of this site on here, but incredibly negative reviews of this site on other platforms, so I thought I would add my experience here.

This guy, Brian Wilkins, was selling and auctioning off isopods on Ebay. The prices were almost too good to be true (of course) so I made a purchase and paid with PayPal. Well he ends up canceling the order and refunds me messaging me to say he's having problems taking payments through PayPal right now, but if I buy from his website, roachingaround.com or message him through his personal email, isopodking@gmail then he'll still make the sale and throw in some extras for the trouble.
Asking to message or do dealings off Ebay was suspicious for sure. I email him (since he won't respond to Ebay messages now) and tell him I'd still like to purchase, but I'll only do it through Ebay due to their buyer protection policy. He responds saying he won't do any sale through either Ebay or PayPal because of their "lack of customer care". At this point I really look into reviews for his online shops and find tons of reports <edit>. Buyer beware!

Should also probably mention, any seller on Ebay communicating with you about doing a sale not on Ebay is a violation of Ebay's rules as it is a way for people to forgo a transaction with purchase protection and is usually a red flag for scams

Need to add one more "forgot to mention" point on here:
After looking up his shop and finding negative reviews, I emailed him back and asked him if he decided not to use Ebay or PayPal services because they offer buyer protection, and included links to some of the negative reviews I'd found online. He did not respond and I believe blocked my email. In my opinion any seller who is reputable would never act in such a way... so definitely buyer beware :anxious:
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