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Jul 21, 2002
Here is the first part! Let me know how you like it!

My Questions

Have you heard of this relatively new hobby of collecting tarantulas? I know many things on tarantulas. Before I began to write this report I knew many things, because I myself have 22 tarantulas and hopefully more to come. I know their lifestyle, what they eat, how they affect humans, I know many different scientific names of species and genus of tarantulas. I care about the tarantulas, because I myself collect these animals and would like to know if what I am currently collecting will pursue more people to view tarantulas in a different way. People need to be educated that tarantulas are not the scary devils they are mistaken for, but are gentle and large hairy beautiful creatures! Since education I believe is the key to eliminating all fears. My search question is are tarantulas going to be the hobby of the future? And why are people so afraid of tarantulas?


P.S-I will post the rest when i am finished with the report!


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Sep 1, 2002
I did a similar research paper a few years ago (I believe it was 2001) on arachnophobia. I'll send it to you, if you think it might help you. I did research on some of the studies done on the subject and even found some information on the medicinal qualities of tarantula venom. Just let me know if you want to take a look at it and I'll forward it to you (it's too long to post here).

Here are some books that may also be of use to you:

(Note: some of these are better or more in depth than others… but some of the more simple ones might be good to recommend to your classmates who want to find out how to care for tarantulas)

Browning, John G. (Tarantulas)
Flank Jr., Lenny (The Tarantula)
Marshall, Samuel D. (Tarantulas and Other Arachnids)
Rankin, Wayne & Jerry G. Walls (Tarantulas and Scorpions)
Reger, Barbara (Tarantulas As A New Pet)
Schultz, Stanley A. and Marguerite J. Schultz (The Tarantula Keepers Guide)
Vosjoli, Philippe de (Arachnomania: General Care and Maintenance of Tarantulas & Scorpions)
Webb, Ann (The Proper Care of Tarantulas)

Hope that helps. Your paper looks good so far but you might want to ask your teacher whether s/he wants you to write in first person or in a more neutral voice. For the introduction, first person could be effective but if it's a research paper, you might want to steer away from that so you have less bias.

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