Rescued A. hentzi???


Old Timer
Jun 21, 2005
My comment has to do with the loss that is occuring due to the mass collection and sale of wild caught A. hentzi in Oklahoma. They are being reffered to as "rescues", when in fact they are not "rescues" but are being collected and sold for profit. If they were really being rescued, they would not be put on sale and distributed across the nation. They would be collected and relocated elsewhere in their native land able to continue their life cycles and reproducing, therefore slowing the declining number of this species. Not to mention the benefit to the ecosystem they provide. I do know and understand the area in which they are being taken from is being developed, however that does not justify their collection for profit. To say someone did a "good deed" by collecting and/or removing them out of the wild then only to make a profit, seems extremely odd to me. This sounds more like a profit driven operation. There is nothing wrong with that per say as long as you are honest and call it for what it is. There is no difference what so ever in this situation and that of the importers which are given such a "bad rap" because they import the exotics that are in demand and we scramble to buy. In short, there is no hero in this situation. The loss of these bloodlines in the wild is staggering and still occuring at an alarming rate. Here however, someone is making money off of it under false pretense. A true hero does not do things for profit. A "rescued" animal lives free, not in a vivarium.

Just my two cents. :?