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Jan 2, 2003
Well, I was at the local pet store getting more crickets last Thursday and all I saw was a juvie Rio Grande Gold, but decided not to get it. I was talking to the owner and asked if they had any other T's. She says that they have a couple small Rosehairs. I ask to see them and she has them on the floor in the corner out of the way which is why I didn't notice them. She opens one deli-cup, yeah its a small G. Rosea. She opens the other and its a little larger (maybe 3"), but doesn't look like a G. rosea at all. It's really blonde/tan all over especially on the underside and spinnerettes, no black or brown at all. Very faint golden knee markings (hard to see the markings because T is so light in color). No other distinctive markings at all. I tell her that it doesn't look anything like a G. Rosea to me and she says that's what it says on the label. I say how much, she says...Rosehair...oh, how about $5 and I say I'll take it. Well, typical pet store T living in a small white deli-cup with no water (not even a dreaded sponge) and nothing else. I think its from the Aphonopelma species, definately a New World Terrestrial (IMHO). Anyway, I set him up in small pet pal with a small water dish, about 4" of peat, 78 degrees and about 70% humidity and a hide. Well, he drank when I first put him in his new home, but seems sluggish. He won't eat, I've tried every day to feed him, but the crickets walk right over him and he doesn't move, so I take them out. His abdomen isn't shriveled so I think he's ok food wise. He is very slow to move. I can touch him on the rump and he doesn't budge. He's currently in his hide with his legs all up against his body (semi-death curl pose). I'm getting worried, I'm not sure what he is (I'll post a pic when he comes out), but I like him and this is killing me, he's got to make it, maybe its a pre-molt behavior, but I got this bad feeling.:(


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Mar 11, 2003
I am sorry ... :( I hope everything is going to be fine...
I keep all my fingers crossed for your sweetie.
Good luck... :)