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Reptile Basics Inc (www.reptilebasics.com)


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Nov 8, 2007
Outstanding products

I wouldlike to open a review thread for www.reptilebasics.com .

As some of you might know, I was recently looking for a quality yet safe heating device for my Theraphosa enclosures.

I saw this guys and his products and after comparing some websites they did look like good quality products.
I decided to call them and ask a couple of questions regarding materials and wattages and Rich was really nice and informative about them

I decided to Purchase the 40W custom made heating pannel and I just received and tested it.

This is, by far the best heating device I have purchased since I started the hobby in 1996.

The materials are solid yet very light. The desing is really nice and low profile.
It consumes very little yet it works extremely well providing a solid firm heat but it doesnt burn on contact.

I really recommend this guys and their products.Great warranty, fast shipping, Outsanding materials thought and tested by people who knows the hobby.

Simply outstanding.
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