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~ Red Widow ~

Discussion in 'Other Spiders & Arachnids' started by John Koerner, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. John Koerner

    John Koerner Arachnosquire

    Here are a few shots of a fine Red Widow Spider for the widow fanatics :biggrin:

    Red Widow ♀
    (Latrodectus bishopi)





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  2. Ciphor

    Ciphor Arachnoprince

    First Post!

    Amazing! Keep them coming. You should load these to your gallery too so we can go check out your profile and see them all! :)
  3. zonbonzovi

    zonbonzovi Creeping beneath you Staff Member

    Fantastic shots of a fantastic spider!

    Ciphor, check out John's website & Flickr gallery...well worth the click;)

    Feeling giddy...will be in your neck of the woods for some invert hunting in June, John
  4. Ciphor

    Ciphor Arachnoprince

    Dude if your going to Florida I'm going to give you a buncha money to bring me a buncha spiders!
  5. John Koerner

    John Koerner Arachnosquire

    Glad yall like the shots!

    Yes, my Flickr site and Website are pretty much where I store my photos, for now, but actually I am working on making my own Photo Database System where others can contribute too. It's a lot of work though!

    I will try to get even closer shots of the widow in the next day or so.

    ---------- Post added 02-15-2012 at 09:33 PM ----------

    PS: Let me know when you come to Florida & if you have the time we'll go to some cool arachno spots :biggrin:
  6. Widowman10

    Widowman10 Arachno WIDOW Old Timer

    gorgeous. well done!
  7. zonbonzovi

    zonbonzovi Creeping beneath you Staff Member

    Will do, John. There's nothing quite like hunting w/ the locals.

    Ciphor, sir, PMed;)
  8. Pitter

    Pitter Arachnosquire Old Timer

    Wow! Very impressive photos. I'm new to this and that's a new spider for me.
  9. compnerd7

    compnerd7 Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Soooo DOPE. I love Latrodectus spp. I've been raising and studying them like mad this past year and a half. Currently I own 60, they are amazing; thanks for sharing!
  10. MrCrackerpants

    MrCrackerpants Arachnoprince

    These are great pictures. Are they only in Florida?
  11. Ciphor

    Ciphor Arachnoprince

    Yes, this species is only found in Florida.
  12. MrCrackerpants

    MrCrackerpants Arachnoprince

    Thanks. Are they abundant in the local habitat? I have tons of black widows in my area.
  13. OBT1

    OBT1 Arachnosquire

    Shes beautiful!
  14. WOW! compared to our black widows that we have, those are beautiful
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