red trapdoor spider


Oct 2, 2010
iv recently bought a red trapdoor spider (said golden trap on the box but i dont think she is) she looks silky smooth with red jelly like legs and a light yellow abdomen with a faint dark stripe down the middle. The carapace is also red. Now, i know very little about them and she was bought by my fiance who went to an invert convention for me while i was at work (bless her lol) she was in a cylindrical tub with about 6 inch substrate, but instead of burying, she had spun a rather large donut shaped web :? I have transferred her into a larger tub and she didnt like that!! Really striking at me and throwing up a mean-ass threat posture! Worse than my king bab! She still seems a little reluctant to dig even tho the sub is perfectly moist and iv put a couple of small bark chips in there so she can make the trap out of them. Iv even started a hole off in a corner for her. Im just lookin for some general info really, especially regarding venom, as theres little info on the net. I bet the bites hurt like mad the way she was throwing them :evil: