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Recently moved, Desert Hairy behaving Strangely

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by CABIV, Nov 14, 2019.

  1. CABIV

    CABIV Arachnosquire


    I recently moved into my first home, which is very exciting. Of course, moving my arachnids was a pain, I had one tarantula molt immediately before the move (so it had to stay home for a couple weeks), and then another immediately after (making me afraid it didn't take the move well, but appears fine today).

    So far, the only one that has been weird is my desert hairy scorpion.

    He normally "hibernates" this time of year, around mid-october, then doesn't come out until the spring. I moved about three weeks ago and there was still some 70 degree weather outside.

    That said, he was already "in his burrow for the winter" before the move, and the shaking from being moved appears to have "woke" him up and shifted some of the stones in his enclosure, and now he has been out most days.

    Unfortunately, my girlfriend kept turning the heat off and we had a few mornings where the temperature was in the low 60s, but also, we have baseboard heating as opposed to central where we moved from. I notice now he spends all his time on the surface on the side of the enclosure above the heater. You can't feel the heat coming from it at all, but apparently he can.

    He does not seem interested in feeding at all, which is a little unusual. He also doesn't seem to be going back into his burrow or digging a new one. He sits in the same spot unless you pester him, he doesn't seem lethargic but something doesn't feel right. Too my knowledge he doesn't seem hurt or damaged physically, but I feel like there are darker spots on the joints while his body looks a little lighter in color. I don't think the home has excessive humidity.

    My question is, did I disrupt some hibernation cycle? Should I get him away from the heater so that the temperature doesn't keep him "awake"? He is an older scorpion, I've probably had him for 3-4 years and he was big when I got him, is he just getting old?
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