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He Who Rules
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Jul 16, 2002
Hey All,

Since as far as I know, there is nowhere to report stings, I figured I would give you all a place to share any experiences you have had in being stung.

This forum is for you to post sting reports on your personal (first hand) experience. If you know of someone that has been stung, please encourage them to sign up for an account and post about it in here so we all can learn from their experience (this means NO second hand information).

For the subject of your post, please put the scientific name of the species that you were stung by.

Please check the Sting Report Index to make sure you are not duplicating a thread for a species that has already been started.

In your post, please place a description of the sting, including such items as:

  • The size of the scorpion.
  • How the sting occured.
  • What type of physical damage was caused.
  • What symptoms you experienced.
  • How long the symptoms lasted.
  • What medical attention you received if any.
  • Any lingering effects from the sting.
  • A picture of the sting if one is available

If you wish to discuss anything in these sting reports, please do not post it here as this forum is just for the reports. You can post it in the appropriate forum and refer to it there.

Thank you and I hope this will become another valuable resource that Arachnopets can offer you.

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