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rbailey1010 - Ryan Bailey


Old Timer
Aug 20, 2009
Positive Start 2 Review Thread! :)

I sent Ryan some slings for his Acanthoscurria Female that he was parting w/

Pretty good Packing, resulting in a Healthy new variety of Tarantula for me 2 enjoy :razz:

Appreciate the Communications & Professionalism Ryan - I am sure you'll be a Welcome addition to AB

Hope you are as Happy a camper w/ the Trade, as I am - Jason ;)


Old Timer
Jun 6, 2008

I just completed a trade with Ryan and everything went splendid. He's a great guy to deal with and supplies exceptional animals. Thanks my friend Ryan!:clap:


Sep 21, 2010
Unbeatable Service AND Prices!!

I have NEVER received such high quality service from ANY business I have ever dealt with for anything.

Ryan answered every single one of the hundreds of questions I asked him with full and complete detail about the species of scorpion I purchased from him, as well as shipping, pricing, how to care for them, and even what I needed to get started!

I bought two H. arizonensis scorpions from him and since I am a first time scorpion keeper this information was extremely valuable! He even went out to the store and picked up two bags of substrate that would be perfect for my new scorps! Being way up in BC, Canada and him down in Texas made arranging shipping and making sure that all laws were being followed tough but with Ryan's help we got it done.

When he had a package all prepared and left at the post office, at the last minute I realized that the 2 emp scorps I had also asked him to include for a co worker were not going to be able to cross the border without paying some hefty cites fees. I gave Ryan a call very upset that the package was already on it's way and that I would be in a mess when I had to get them across the border... I explained the story to him and even after all of the work he had done to prepare the package and take it to the post office 20 min away from his home... he wasn't upset about it at all and let me know that it was not a problem and that he would take care of me! I was blown away! This was a big deal to me but it didn't phase him a bit!

After we rearranged our shipping plans... Ryan had a family emergency that took him out of the state at the time he had planned to ship my package... not even that stopped him from getting it to me on time. He made arrangements from out of state to have it sent off...WOW! they arrived in superior packing and both scorpions were active and very healthy! :D

There are a TON of other examples I could list here that show Ryan's exceptional service but I don't want this to become a book!!!

Doing business with Ryan has become more of a friendship than anything. You will NOT find a more honest, knowledgeable, and efficient person and that is coming from someone who's trust is not earned easily. I will be doing much more business with him in the future and will continue to recommend him to anyone in this hobby. Thanks for everything man!:worship:


Apr 30, 2010

On 02/14 I responded to Ryan's ad about G. iheringi and GBB females for sale. We exchanged a couple of PMs and I paypaled him for both girls. The next day Ryan contacted me and said he didn't ship them and that he would ship the next day. At that point he also offered me a bunch of slings that he was willing to part with. The price was right, so I jumped on that deal too.
When the package arrived and I opened it, I was a bit shocked. GBB female was in a rather large plastic container, with just one paper towel on the bottom. Same situation with G. iheringi - plastic vial with a paper towel on the bottom and a spider on top of it. The slings came in even worse conditions: stacked solo cups with bone-dry mix of coarse sand, coconut fiber and... tiny spiders. As a result, 6 of them were dead on arrival and 2 more died during the next night.

Here are the pictures of the packaging

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4

Another negative moment - slings advertised as 3/4" came in as 1/3-1/2", (supposed to be) juvies of 1.75-2" leg span came in as 1" babies, and even GBB female that Ryan advertised as 4.5-5" turned out to be only 4" (if not less).
So I contacted the seller, and let him know that there were DOAs and I expected refund for them.

This is a response I got:

It's one thing that I offered a refund because I didnt want to cause a big stink over this deal. I felt bad for your troubles and I wanted to do right by you. Its another thing to demand a refund by saying "I expect an $$ refund from you".
I never offered a LAG when I made this deal with you. Therefore I do not have to refund you for anything. It was not stated on any of my posts and you cannot hold me to it.
At this point I reminded to Ryan that he actually did offer LAG in his ad:

Both of these have been raised by me and are guaranteed to be in good health upon arrival."
Another response from Ryan:

Were the two listed above in good health upon arrival? I dont see where the other deal was listed...How is that for applicable?
I am giving you the refund because its the right thing to do....

Take care,

Although I finally got a refund for the dead ones, I will never do any business with this individual.

Folks, in case you decide to give Ryan a chance and buy anything from him, make sure that you discuss sizes, packaging and LAG terms beforehand, so that there are no surprizes when the package arrives.


Sep 8, 2010

I will never do business with this individual again. I sent him $50 for a B. Smithi weeks ago and I haven't received my T...AND I've emailed him more than once and have not received a single word back. What a piss poor job. Not only am I angry as hell but I have also been jipped out of $50!!!! :mad::evil::mad: