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Rainbow Mealworms (www.rainbowmealworms.com)




My first order with them was for 500 small crickets. I paid them for two day shipping, but it took five days to get them. The address on the package said the wrong zip (two numbers were backwards). It had gone to Tennessee, instead of Florida. Instead of it going back to the company, FedEx was intelligent enough to find me. Problem was, only about twenty crickets survived the trip.

I called Rainbow Mealworms, they appologised to me and said a replacement order would be on its way, no charge. I asked her what zip was listed and she read back the correct zip code. This 500 small crickets arrived promptly. I counted 460, but I could be wrong ;)

Last week, since they made good on their previous order, I placed another order for 1000 large crickets and 500 pinheads. I chose the same shipping, FedEx 2-day. I told them of the shipping problem last time, and had them read the address back to me. It was okay. The order arrived four days late. It went to Tennessee again. The FedEx guy said he'd just send the box back. We both agreed, as they were probably all dead.

I called Rainbow Mealworms again, about the problem. I was met by a reseptionist who just quoted out verbatum; "We cannot guanentee live arrive to Florida at this time." I got her to transfer me to the supervisor. She quickly appologised and said she'd resend the crickets. I ask her to tell me my address. Again, it was correct in the computer. She said she would ship it next day airborne.

Well, the package arrived a day late, again. Turns out, IT WENT TO TENNESSEE! About half the crickets were dead from the large ones. The pinheads had about [maybe] 30 alive.

I called Rainbow Mealworms again, today. I was hoping to get a positive response from them. I asked for the manager, when I called. When I talked to her, I said that almost all my orders have gone to the wrong state, then arrived dead. Her only response was "Almost all of them? You've only placed two orders." I started into the fact I've had four shipments, but she cut me off with "Please hold," so quickly that I was talking to the elevator music for a second. When she came back, she said I must be lying because she gave the shipping people a note reading "Please get the zip correct this time." I told her what I read on the package. Her only response is "What do you want me to do? This would be the THIRD time. We can't keep doing this for you." I told her to refund my credit card, and I wouldn't be placing another order.


Another inconvienence with this company was their packing methods. Putting 1000 crickets in a box that's 24"x 24"x 6" with nothing between you and the crickets once you open the box makes them VERY hard to dump into a terrarium (10 gallon). I currently have a colony of crickets under the sink, in my bathroom :p


Old Timer
Aug 16, 2002

Rainbow mealworms used to be a good company to deal with up until about a year ago when it really started to go down hill. Their shipping rates have become outrageous for feeders. The last order I got from them was for pinheads and small crickets. All the pinheads came in dead and over half of the smalls. I called, they said they would re-ship. They did - but only sent the pinheads, of which at least half were dead. I have since found a much better source for feeders (check other reviews). Also, Rainbow doesn't pack their crickets with any moisture source and the whole deal of stuffing them into a small box with nothing between you and the crickets IS a HUGE hassle - my cats used to LOVE it when Rainbows cricket order arrived because they knew they would be chasing crickets for a few days!