Quick Little Spider Question :)


Jul 6, 2010
Hey guys,

Some of you might remember me, I posted here awhile back about my tarantula that almost died!!!

Hes doing fine btw :)

Just this week my girlfriend purchased a tarantula that is reasonably young. It just shed its skin just the other day. When it molted its skin it was simi-curled up so the skin is kinda of folded in half.

Is there a way to unfold the skin without it ripping so that I can get a picture of it to post here so that we may find out if the tarantula is female or male?

Is there other, easier ways to find out the sex? Could someone experienced tell the sex from the folder in half (Like a hotdog) skin?

Thanks in advance forum posters!


Old Timer
Dec 28, 2009
Put the molt in water and let it soak for a couple minutes. Then it should become pliable and won't rip when you unfold it.
How big is the tarantula? If it is too small you may not be able to tell the sex without a microscope.
No, you can't tell from viewing the folded skin unless the epigynal area is able to be seen. The only other way of sexing is vent sexing which isn't as accurate. You can post a picture of the ventral side of your tarantula for that.