Questions about my florida ivory setup!


Apr 14, 2017
Heya! I'm new to keeping millipedes, I recently got 2 florida ivories from Bugsincyberspace. I love them so much! They are a male and female so I'm looking forward to babies maybe in the future.
I wanted to ask about my setup and a couple questions.
Here's pics with measurements:
pedes1.png pedes2.png pedes3.png
It's one of those round critter keepers. I went for this one because it fits perfectly on my desk and lets me see them, though I had concerns if it is too small or has too much ventilation? (I spray with water regularly so it stays pretty moist in there)

The substrate is this kind:
(they provided me with plenty of dead leaves so if I should add more let me know!) I also have a cork log that they love to hang out in and crawl over, a little lid with pebbles for water and a piece of cuttlebone.

I did as much research as I could but I just want to make sure I'm doing ok so far. I'm open to suggestions! My last question was, do florida ivories burrow ever? Since day 1 they have always hung out above the substrate, occasionally hiding in the little log. I'm home all the time and I've seriously never seen them burrow, they sleep curled up above. They generally seem active and healthy and I definitely am happy to get to see them all the time but I was worried if the fact they wont burrow should be a concern!


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Jul 23, 2016
Looks like a pretty nice set-up but I might suggest covering much of the top. I doubt you could hold enough humidity with that much ventilation.

My Ivories burrow about half the time. You may not have deep enough substrate but sounds like they will be happy with what you have. As long as there is plenty to eat (and looks like you have that well covered) then I think you are off to a great start!

Good luck and keep us posted. :)