Questions about a Petco A. Avic.


Jan 14, 2003
btw HELLO TO ALL. I've been reading posts here for the last 3 to 4 months and this is a great place.

The Tale:

I went to Petco today to buy some crickets. As usual my daughter and I made the rounds. Looking in all the aquariums to see what they had. They had one A. avicularia. I noticed it was clutching it's eggsac, and I do mean clutching, as to protect it from any danger. Also noticed a few eggs had fallen out. I asked the sales person what had happened to the eggsac. He said that one of the other sales people thought it was a cottonball, so she took it out and cut it open. (Duh! How many people go around cutting cottonballs open? She had to suspect it to be something else. She was not smart enough to leave things alone, call someone or even look up some info.)

The A. Avic didnt look mature. Looked smaller than the 3.5-4.5 inches. But it was hard to tell since she was wrapped around her eggsac.

The Questions:

1. How much longer will a mature female A. Avic live?
2. Do you think the eggs are good?
3. If the eggs are good, whats the incubation time?
4. Once a female is impregnated with sperm can she have multiple clutches?

5. How many nimrods can u pack into a Petco? (Well at least these people are off the streets earning a living. Not all the animals are in bad shape but a few need lots of help. You would think Petco would at least make the people have some basic care/understanding of all the animals that they carry in that branch. Or not carry them.) <---Sorry for the rant.

And again. This is a great site. I come here on a regualr basis and read the posts. I prob won't post often but do enjoy reading about everyone's experiences.

Thanks ahead of time for any replies.