Question about mites and feeding.


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Apr 19, 2007
So my little avic molted about 3 days ago, and I cannot see a single mite on it anywhere. That isn't to say there isn't, but I can't see any. My main question is this...

Do mites usually always gather at the chelicerae? I have not seen any on or around since the molt. I am hoping I got her out quick enough that none transferred, but dont want to jump the gun and feed her just to have them spawn again. She ate 11 crickets (5 pinheads/6 small) a week or so before molting. I dont think she is could hold off if I need to. Is there any easy way to see them (like a blacklight technique) or something so I can be sure...or should I just keep her dry and offer water every two days like I have been? I have been taking a bunch of photos and zooming to check for mites on the carapace, leg joints, and chelicerae like I luck finding any yet. How long could my little 1" avic fast after a molt? I dont wanna starve her...but I really DONT want the mites to come back. Thanks for any input guys/gals.


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Jan 5, 2005
just keep an eye on her butt

as long as it is smooth looking it will be fine with water. once it starts looking raisiny feed her