Question about Martingale collars


Jan 19, 2007
I'd like to try a martingale collar on my dog (he wears a buckle right now). We live in the apartment, and I don't want to have to fit it on him 4 times a day that he needs to go out. Right now it's easy to clip on the leash - "Chick- done".
Now, from what I've read, you shouldn't leave a martingale collar on a dog all the time. Is that true of all the designs? I'd like to have one that fits my dog nicely, and one that I wouldn't have to put on 4 times a day. Are any designs safe? I found a site with a bunch of them -> collar Would you recommend nylon over leather? Personally, I love how leather feels on my arms, but what about dogs, do you think they'd appreciate it more than a nylon? :)


Old Timer
Oct 6, 2003
A martingale collar is also known as a 'limited choke' or 'half choke' collar. Also sold as a 'no-slip' collar. They tighten, which is why they cannot be left on the dog all the time.
You don't mention what breed of dog you have, this will make a big difference in your decision.
I own a whippet, which is a sighthound. Their necks are larger than their heads, which means a buckle collar will slide off the dog if it struggles backwards on the leash. A martingale is the only safe collar to use for sighthounds. The collars open up wide, so they are just slipped off the dog's head once you come inside. If the dog were to pull on the leash, the collar will tighten and not come off like a fixed buckle collar would.

For a regular dog, these are nice collars too, they are loose on the neck unless the dog pulls, and you can slide it off the dog's neck after every walk. If you want tags on your dog at all times, you can have them wear a separate, thin tag collar, breakaway type.

Martingales are custom made by many places and the colors and styles are amazing!
I have heard bad things about nylon, it frays and breaks hair or rubs it off. I only have one nylon collar and the black color always rubs off on my white dog. :mad: I have several of the satin and suede lined collars and they are all great.
Here is a link to some custom martingale sites: