pulling Avicularia Avic egg sac


Jun 27, 2021
hello guys i have an avic. a that just did an eggsac and it will be my first one just asking for suggestion on either pulling the egg sac or letting it hatch with the mom or what are my best option also what is best temp to keep them ive been trynna look for info or videos but not alot of people breed them as much or document it like other species

cold blood

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Jan 19, 2014
You can do either. But I always try to avoid letting it hatch with mom, simply because rounding up all the little ones can be a real pain in the backside. Hatching in an incubator means they are all contained.

Now when to pull is another thing.... pulling early means the eggs will develop a little slower (IME) but pulling early also means that you can eliminate the possibility of the sac either going bad or being eaten. It only takes one egg to go bad and it quickly spreads and can decimate a large part of the sac, or the entire thing.

I never worry about temps when incubating, obviously the warmer they are kept, he faster things develop, but I have had no less success, even at 70f....I just suggest keeping things at room temp unless things are below 70f. 80f is probably close to an ideal temp in terms of fast development (IME)

Edan bandoot

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Sep 5, 2019
Have you bred the avic or bought it as an adult female? If not, it is a dud. If you bought it as an AF there is a chance it's a dud.